Hoop flow: level up

4 week Course

Feeling stagnant and mechanical with your flow? Here’s how you can explore hoop dancing with more style and learn new tricks and transitions to strengthen your hoop skills.

All you need is a Hula Hoop, and a whole lot of excitement!

What will you learn?

  • This course will give you a new insight into hooping as a flow art.
  • Learn new tricks and sequences to expand your flow
  • Learn how to shoulder & chest hoop with ease.
  • Explore transitions, bring in elements of dance, and gain confidence in creating your own combos.

A prerequisite of basic hoop skills is required.

Prerequisite Moves

  • Comfortable on-body hooping on the waist, hips, knees, neck and hands
  • Vortex
  • Isolations
  • Weaves, Smears, Lassos
  • Spin breaks and reversals
  • Grip changes

What's included in this course?

Apart from the online sessions, the course also includes daily drills and tips for motivation. Eshna will be personally guiding you through these. The breakdown is given below:

  • 4 live stream sessions of 90 mins each. 
  • Lifetime access to all sessions (Download or stream)
  • Weekly Flowbooks with prompts and daily drills
  • BONUS: Two additional sessions for open jams, doubts and queries, sharing stories and skills with each other

Schedule: Starting 5th July 2020

Every Sunday

11:30am est/5:30pm Paris time/ 9pm IST

duration: 90mins

Slots Remaining 3/15

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Course Curriculum


  • Hoop warmup with a new variation and twist
  • Guided flow sequence for your bodies to open up
  • Foundations of shoulder and chest hooping
  • Reverse and 360 weaves
  • Mandala variations


  • Brings in a sense of fulfilment and self-satisfaction
  • Engages both  sides of your brain
  • Heightens body awareness
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Destresses the overthinking mind


  • Guided flow sequence with body  extensions
  • Shoulder & chest hooping variations
  • Off-balance waist hooping
  • Hoop Geometry- Exploring planes, and three dimensions.
  • Flips and folds


  • Find alignment in your outer and inner space
  • Deconstructing processes to release tension
  • Coming back to the present
  • Lets you be playful!
  • Builds core strength 


  • Guided flow with the hoop geometry in mind.
  • Angled hooping
  • Breaks and reversals
  • A complete on-body spinning flow


  • Grounding the body and mind
  • Finding trust in letting go
  • Helps sync your bodily rhythm 
  • Challenges your hand-eye coordination
  • Builds core strength


  • Recap of everything we covered in the 3 weeks
  • Create your own unique transitions
  • Design a Hoop Dance Combo


  • A wonderful confidence booster
  • Finding acceptance towards yourself
  • Works on your memory and alertness 
  • A new curiosity to explore this flow art more

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Hoop Flow: beginners