Hoop flow:
totAL beginners

4 week course

This month, get acquainted with a friend you don’t need to social distance from. A cross of play and therapy, this program is designed to make you move your bodies in ways you never have before.

All you need is a Hula Hoop (preferably 34-38 inches wide) and lots of enthusiasm.

What you will learn?

  • The foundational moves of hooping. i.e body rocking
  • Basic tricks and techniques
  • Transitioning between off body and on-body hooping
  • A hoop dance combo at the end of the program
  • Unlock a whole new portal to body awareness

What's included in this course?

Apart from the online sessions, the course also includes daily drills and tips for motivation. Eshna will be personally guiding you. The breakdown is given below:

  • 4 live stream sessions of 90 mins each. 
  • Lifetime access to all sessions (Download or stream)
  • Weekly Flowbooks with prompts and daily drills
  • BONUS: Two additional sessions for open jams, doubts and queries, sharing stories and skills with each other

Starting 6th september 2020
Every Saturday, 11am-12:30pm ist

Slots Remaining 5/20

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Course Curriculum


  • Waist Hooping drills
  • How to hoop on the neck and knee
  • Spinning on the hands and fingers
  • Weaves


  • Heightens your body awareness
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Destresses the overthinking mind
  • A great workout to tone your arms and core


  • Recap of Week 1 
  • Finding a rhythm in body hooping 
  • Hand control in your hoop movement
  • Thumb hooping & grip switch
  • Smears


  • Activates body rhythm awareness
  • Allows you to come back to the present.
  • Lets you be playful!
  • A full blown cardio exercise


  • Recap of Week 1 & 2 
  • Transition from the waist to your knees
  • Transition from the neck to waist
  • Transition from the hand to the waist. 
  • One-handed Isolation


  • Finding balance between taking control and allowing to let go.
  • Grounding the body and mind
  • Strengthens concentration
  • A great workout for your core


  • Recap of all 3 Weeks
  • Sustained hooping
  • Body hooping variations
  • Putting it all together in a hoop dance combo!


  • Finding balance between tension and release.
  • Finding acceptance in your flow
  • A new curiosity to explore this flow art form more

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Hoop flow: Intermediate

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