Online Hoop Classes

Hoop flow: TOTAL beginners

Dive into the world of Flow-Art by learning the foundational moves of hula hooping. Find comfort in your hoop twirling on your body effortlessly.


Hoop flow: LEVEL UP

Feeling stagnant and mechanical with your flow? Here's how you can explore your movement with more style and learn new tricks and transitions to strengthen your hoop flow.


Yasmin Paul

I joined Eshna’s hoop class after watching her hoop like a dream on Instagram! There are tricks I struggled with, trying to learn them online from tutorials, but Eshna really broke each trick up and gets you through it in parts and before you know it you’ve learnt a whole new trick!


The secret to all those bright happy faces at the end of Eshna’s workshops is AWE! Not awe at what she can do, although that’s inspiring too but at what she has managed to make you achieve in that short a span of time. Awe at your own capabilities.
Eshna has a grounded approach to her class. She has no hesitation in reaching out to you in case if you're stuck figuring out a new trick or if you want to simplify an old trick. Overall it's was a great experience for me and I'm very happy with the outcome.
Eshna is a phenomenal teacher. Having done this course, during a global pandemic, I can vouch for the fact that not only do you come out of it having learnt more technique but also having experienced hooping as a form of meditation.
The best thing to happen during this lockdown! Eshna is so pro in the way she did this, specially all the details, and so amazingly patient. I learnt so much and loved every second of it. Thank you E. You are fabulous
Thanks Eshna. I can’t think of even one thing that could have been done better. It was conducted with utmost passion, which was so motivating to watch and also encouraged us to strive to get better at the art
I loved every bit of this course and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity. To learn from you was so so amazing and I can’t wait to make more of this. Thanks a ton ♥️
The beginner hoop course made me look forward to each session so much. Eshna has this beautiful ability to break down complex moves into reality simple doable bits. Very happy I signed up and can't recommend it more
It was an Amazing experience.. you made it so easy to pickup and learn moves for total beginners like me.. really appreciate your interactive sessions too..looking forward to the next batch of Saturday morning and fun..Thanks n Love❣️
"I think Eshna is a really really good teacher. She has a huge passion for doing what she does and that comes through with the sheer attentiveness she shows even though it was an online class. She was mindful and present through out. Thanks again Eshna!"
"Eshna is such a talented artist and a lovely teacher. Patient, kind, fun and so very encouraging. Ive truly enjoyed hooping with her and I've absolutely loved the sessions. Thank you Eshna for giving me 4 fantastic weeks of hoop love and learning! :)"
Eshna brought structure to everything. From the registration process, to talking to each one of us beforehand and asking us what we want to achieve, to notes before and after each class. I guess through all this, apart from the amazing hooping she taught us discipline too!
Eshna makes sure that every hoop move( on and off your body), flows like melted butter..Thanks again Eshna!"
If you worried that you aren't a dancer of any sort, don't worry. Because I wasn't either. I am a writer and I can feel the experience of using my body has actually helped me write better. Also, Eshna is the sassiest teacher out there. Just do it. I feel a lot more cooler after this course.
Eshna's classes helped me connect more not just with my hoops but also with a beautiful community of talented, creative hoopers around the world! Eshna has designed her course really well and I would really encourage you to give it a try and go for it!
Eshnas intermediate hoop flow program helped me get out of the stagnant phase that i was in.I learnt new combos and learnt a lot about my flow and how to improve on it..I would highly recommend the course
Sunday's became my favourite day of the week. I felt comforted and supported by my batch mates and ofcourse my friend /teacher Eshna Kutty . I've learnt so many new hoop moves and made so many new friends . Truly thankful to be a part of the hoop community ❤️

Upasana Malhotra

Eshna has been an amazing teacher! She makes you feel super comfortable in your skin and makes sure you let loose and enjoy!! Her classes are filled with tricks and choreos and lots of fun!

Nicita Trehan

Eshna is a teacher who believes that her craft is for all body types, ages and people from different walks of life. In a world full of negativity and judgement, her accepting attitude will always make you smile.