Online Hoop Classes

Hoop flow: TOTAL beginners

Dive into the world of Flow-Art by learning the foundational moves of hula hooping. Find comfort in your hoop twirling on your body effortlessly.


Hoop flow: LEVEL UP

Feeling stagnant and mechanical with your flow? Here's how you can explore your movement with more style and learn new tricks and transitions to strengthen your hoop flow.


Yasmin Paul

I joined Eshna’s hoop class after watching her hoop like a dream on Instagram! There are tricks I struggled with, trying to learn them online from tutorials, but Eshna really broke each trick up and gets you through it in parts and before you know it you’ve learnt a whole new trick!


The secret to all those bright happy faces at the end of Eshna’s workshops is AWE! Not awe at what she can do, although that’s inspiring too but at what she has managed to make you achieve in that short a span of time. Awe at your own capabilities.

Upasana Malhotra

Eshna has been an amazing teacher! She makes you feel super comfortable in your skin and makes sure you let loose and enjoy!! Her classes are filled with tricks and choreos and lots of fun!

Nicita Trehan

Eshna is a teacher who believes that her craft is for all body types, ages and people from different walks of life. In a world full of negativity and judgement, her accepting attitude will always make you smile.